New York born.

A short Biography of Patrick Lugo

I’m an accomplished designer with well over a decade of creative problem solving experience. My formal education in art and design began prior to the apple computer’s revolution in digital desktop publishing. The result was traditional design and production training combined with a do-it-yourself ethos and an ongoing desire to learn while doing.

I’ve applied this drive to identifying strengths and untapped potential wherever I bring my attention. Organizations I’ve been employed by have opened departments or developed products as a result. This has also driven me to find projects and freelance clientele literally across the globe. I continue to seek new ways to apply my skills and aesthetic sensibility.

Specialties: Adobe software, digital art, advertising, art, design, illustration, story boarding, product and brand development, publicity, event production, videography, web design, marketing, creative writing.


illustration of Sun Wu-Kong, the Legendary Monkey King


SFF • S.C.B.W.I. • Children’s Books • Comics • Cover Art

I completed my formal education at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. My comic art was first published in the pages of New York independent publisher Double Edge Comics where I served as Art Director before moving to California.

Over the past decade my illustrations have appeared on Album covers both for U.S. and European musicians, numerous T-shirts and a variety of promotional collateral for sporting events and tournaments. I Provided illustration for children’s picture book LITTLE MONK AND THE MANTIS, which was awarded both the 2012 Book of the Year Honor from the Gellett Burgess Center for Children’s Literature as well as the 2012 Preferred Choice Award from CREATIVE CHILD MAGAZINE.

A Special Events Project an interactive art endeavor.

The “i” in iMandala has come to mean more than interactive. Information, inspiration, integration and individuation all exist as subjects of dialog and contemplation within each work. Also called I’mandala to instill a sense of identity with the process becoming a part of a greater whole.