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Areas of Expertise

  • Brand Development
  • Product Design
  • Visual Web Design
  • Marketing
  • Video Production
  • Story Boarding
  • Illustration
  • Photo Shoot Direction
  • Adobe Creative Suite
    Photoshop •••••
    InDesign •••••
    Illustrator •••
    Animate •••
    Premiere ••••
  • Content Management Systems
    Wordpress ••••

Notable Projects

Personal website:


Album Artwork

  • 2019 EPM Music The Netherlands – Illustrator / Graphic Designer
  • 2009 NY – Illustrator / Graphic Designer
  • 2008 Detelefunk Records Maastricht, The Netherlands – Illustrator / Graphic Designer


Gallery Exhibitions

  • 2016 Olive Hyde Gallery, Fremont CA.
  • 2013–2016 Sun Gallery Hayward, CA.
    Featured Artist / Instructor
    Annual Children’s Book Illustrator Exhibition. Consulting Illustrator.
  • 2014 Olive Hyde Gallery, Fremont CA.


Children’s Book illustration

Professional Summary

Senior level graphic designer with a proven record for design solutions across a wide range of print, media and online platforms. Implementing a deep knowledge of popular culture I modernized the branding for Kung Fu Tai Chi magazine elevating the average net circulation to 10,000 while working closely with publisher and CEO to develop its online presence.

As Visual Designer for a site serving over a 1.5 million requests per month, I published 1543 articles, over 25 personally authored, and engaged with over 23,153 registered users. Collaborated closely with contributors to curate a dedicated YouTube channel with over 7,996,669 views, 33,383 subscribers; responsible for motion graphics, bumpers and video editing.

Designed promotional collateral for annual events with over 3200 in attendance. Designed specialized products which have captured significant market share and become a ubiquitous presence in its field. Provided artwork for t-shirts, apparel, album and cover illustration.

The children’s book Little Monk and the Mantis, which I illustrated, was awarded the 2012 Book of the Year Honor from the Gellett Burgess Center for Children’s Literature and has been added to the Abbot’s library in China’s Shaolin Temple.

Graphic Design

To review my body of graphic design work, visit the gallery below.

graphic design

Career Path

TIGER CLAW INC. 2005-2020 Fremont CA
Worked directly with CEO & clients to research and developed products for wholesale & retail.

  • The Clap Kicker
  • TIGER CLAW UFC Handwraps
  • Legend Sparring Gear
  • Hayashi Brand Judo Uniforms

Custom design of trophies, medals, uniforms, patches other apparel for boutique clients.
Managed and updated branding: school and tournament logo, style sheets and displays.
Develop promotional campaigns, print collateral and media presence for annual events.

  • Bay Area Open Tae Kwon Do Championship
  • Silicon Valley Open Tae Kwon Do Championship
  • Tiger Claw Elite Open Tae Kwon Do Championship
  • Tiger Claw Elite Championship
  • U.S. Challenge: Chinese Wushu Sports Cultural Exchange Festival
  • Kung Fu Tai Chi Day

TC Media International 2005-2020 Fremont CA
Worked directly with publisher and photographer to identify and meet need for photo images.
Directed models, actors, publicists, martial arts masters, foreign dignitaries and rock stars.
Coordinated with producers and media crew to organize & document large scale events.
Designed print and online image ads for use in multi-platform campaigns for products or event.
Collaborated with publisher to establish social media & web presence of multi-platform events.

KUNG FU TAI CHI magazine 2005-2020 Fremont CA
Worked in close collaboration with editorial and design staff to produce the print magazine.
Managed and maintained Kung Fu Tai Chi brand identity across multiple platforms.
Conceived and designed multiple advertising campaigns for print and online publication.
Provided oversight of photo selection, retouching and design of magazine cover.
Responsible for independent layout and design of cover story and other important feature articles & columns. 2005-2020 Fremont CA
Instrumental in developing and designing the online presence for Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine.
Worked closely with programers and publisher to develop custom CMS for online publishing.
Generated graphics and met deadlines to maintain active social media presence.
Built and maintained Kung Fu Tai Chi Facebook page with 479,401 likes and 467,462 followers.
Provided media for use by publisher for @KFM_KFTC Twitter account with 14,720 followers.
Responsible for motion graphics, bumpers & video editing for YouTube channel with over 7,996,669 views and 33,383 subscribers.
Authored over 25 articles, reviews and interviews featured on the website’s homepage. 2005 Walnut Creek CA

Provided brand and logo redesign of identity for online use.
Worked closely with the owners in the development of the web site.
As a primary point of contact for clientele, this website receives an average of 523 new users a month.